A Guide for Preparing Your Hospital Bag for Delivery - What to Bring

A Guide for Preparing Your Hospital Bag for Delivery - What to Bring

Hospital Bag Checklist - What to pack for Delivery in Pregnancy   Checklist for what to pack for hospital during pregnancy for delivery, baby and postpartum care

Getting ready for your big day? it is recommended that you have your bags packed by 36 weeks in case the baby decides to arrive earlier than expected. To ensure you are ready for the arrival of your newborn, here is a checklist of items necessary for a mother, baby, and hospital partner:

For Mom to be:

  • Towel / Hand Towels / Tissue paper
  • Feeding night suit / gown : comfortable cotton clothing, postpartum you will need soft cotton and loose gowns or nursing wear to tend your baby post deliver. You can select a simple gown for hospital which is light and cotton material. you buy the same online from huge variety of Amazon here
  • Coconut oil : Post delivery, your skin and hair might require some oil for relaxation after laborious hours.
  • Toiletries : Don't forget the essentials like a toothbrush, toothpaste, lip balm, deodorant, brush and comb, hair ties, soap, shampoo and lotion. A hanging toiletry bag should be handy since counter space in the bathroom is usually limited. Buy hanging Toiletry bag here
  • Slipper : One thing you will definitely need in you hospital room and washroom is to slip your feet in comfortable slippers to walk inside the hospital and hospital room.
  • Heavy Sanitary pads : This you will be able to buy from hospital medical store in order to absorb the blood after delivery however you might want to be ready in advance and buy and pack it before hand. Also keep these ready at your home.
  • Extra Underwear : Make sure you pack extra underwear which are comfortable postpartum as you will experience heavy blood flow, remember to buy comfortable maternity panties. Alternatively you can also buy Disposable Panties which you can simply throw away whenever there is a need to change the pad in order to avoid washing of your maternity panties.
  • Hand wash : Although hospitals these days do provide handwash in washrooms however it might come in handy to carry one along, just in case!
  • Laundry Detergent : Again, this is for a just in case situation, in case of washing of a leaked underwear or to wash of your baby's pees and poops from the nappies ;)
  • Postpartum Belt : You might want to wear a postpartum belt to support your belly and you might be in need of postpartum belt.
  • Cotton: Pack in some cotton to cover your ears as the body becomes really weal and susceptible to illness
  • Scarf and Socks : Socks will give you the required comfort post delivery and scarf will be required cover your ears to avoid catching cold post delivery
  • Stole / Dupatta / Shrug  : You might feel a requirement for a Dupatta or shrug while breastfeeding your little one. 
  • Sanitizer : In India it is common to expect visitors to the hospital and cuddle the baby, in order to avoid any infection to the baby it is advisable to keep  a sanitizer bottle in hospital for use before touching the baby .
  • Welcome home clothes

For Baby

  • Coconut oil : At birth, some newborns may have extremely dry skin, so it is beneficial to have a high quality coconut oil on hand for the couple of days you may spend in the hospital post delivery. . Buy here
  • Baby Powder, Powder puff and baby toiletry set. you can simply buy a complete toiletry kit from here 
  • Baby comb : Buy a good quality soft hair brush for baby.
  • Baby towel  and Baby Napkins: A soft baby towel and baby napkin which is soft on your baby's skin. Buy Baby Towel and Baby face Napkin
  • Jhablas : Soft cotton jhablas for the baby which are prewashed using disinfectant. buy a couple full sleeves as well cause babies need to be kept warm for few days. 
  1. You can buy sleeveless jhabla for newborn from here
  2. Alternatively you can also buy everything at once from here
  • Mittens : Mittens to cover your baby's hands and feet.
  • Nappies : This is something that you will need loads of. You need nappies in the hospital to change whenever you baby poops or pees.
  • Baby cap : To prevent colds, you'll want to cover the baby's ears.
  • Swaddle : Get a soft Swaddle to wrap your baby, as it is an old saying in India that you should keep your baby wrapped every now and then to keep them warm and comfortable. It is an old practice in India to use an old used cotton saree or cotton dupatta as a swaddle as those due to it's use become soft for baby skin. Buy 100% cotton fabric swaddle which will be soft and breathable for baby skin
  • Receiving blanket : A must-have for moving your baby around.
  • Baby blanket : To keep your baby warm and snuggly. Buy here
  • Wet wipes: Necessary for cleaning up
  • Drysheet : to keep your baby's bed dry from his/her pee.
  • Welcome home clothes for baby

For Partner:

  • Toiletries
  • Comfortable clothing and slippers
  • Bedsheet and a small pillow
  • Camera : to capture the precious moments but remember without the flash please as it might hurt the little one's eyes
  • Phone and charger/ power bank : the partner will be incharge of keeping the mom's phone and his own phone charged and running to keep in touch with outside world
  • Plates and Cutlery : A couple of plates and cutlery may be required for snaking and also a knife maybe to chop some fruits for nutrition to mother post delivery.
  • Documents for hospitalization : Documents of mom to be for hospitalization to be kept handy.
  • Insurance cards
  • Mother's Hospital file and records required for doctor

Remember to remove your Jewelry before going to the hospital (if not rushed to the hospital due to labor pain)

How to pack:

It is sensible to have three distinct bags for the mom, labor partner, and baby. This will ensure that the necessary items are easy to find without making a mess in the small hospital room. Avoid bringing too much, as this will only make it more crowded. Simply pack the essentials and keep it light, don't make your hospital bag like a huge travelling bag stuffed with extra of everything.

Wishing you all the best as you celebrate your special day ! :)

The below image can be printed to have the checklist at your fingertips:

A list of items to pack when expecting a baby can be seen in the image below:


 Hospital bag checklist for Pregnant Women

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