Yoga and pregnancy

Yoga and pregnancy

Yoga and pregnancy

Yoga During Pregnancy

Yoga throughout pregnancy is greatly advantageous at every stage. One may think of Yoga as doing some impossible looking asana, but in reality doing Yoga asana and pranayama can be beneficial in every step of the pregnancy journey. Read on to discover how yoga can help during each trimester.


Planning & Conception stage:

Beginning with the planning stage, it is imperative for both partners to focus on a healthy lifestyle for at least three months before attempting to conceive. Yoga can help them manage daily stressors and promote optimal hormonal balance, which is essential for conception. Additionally, particular mudra, bandha and pranayama are helpful at this stage. After completing the three-month period, they can then plan to conceive during the fertile window, although it may take a few attempts but it is important to have faith and not get demotivated easily.


First trimester :

During the first trimester, it will take at least a couple of weeks to confirm implantation and pregnancy. To remain safe, abstain from any strenuous activity like heavy workouts or high stress, as it can have a negative impact on the pregnancy.

This is a tricky stage of pregnancy with a lot of hormonal changes and at times, issues such as nausea.
At this trimester, upa yoga or Sukshma yoga (micro exercises/ joint movements) can be beneficial in gently toning the body and preparing it for what’s coming ahead.
Nonetheless, always consult a doctor on how much movement is safe for you.

Second Trimester:

In the second trimester, one may work on physical body strengthening, chant mantras, write affirmations, fetal talking and do modified yoga asana to strengthen the lower and upper body as well as gently stretch the back with props such as a chair.

Third Trimester

If there are issues such as gestational diabetes or hypertension, yoga can be helpful in managing it, along with a healthy diet and active daily routine.
In this trimester we can focus on breathwork during delivery, asana which can help baby move down into position as well as out with certain natural positions, which uses gravity to aid the baby’s delivery. Tip: Do not inform about your actual due date to all your friends and family, inform a date which is 2 weeks post the actual due date so that you can avoid any follow ups from friends and family as the due date crosses.

Fourth Trimester:  Post Delivery per Yoga

Finally, the fourth trimester starts when the baby is born, during  post partum or fourth trimester very good care for the mother as well as baby needs to be taken. Yoga can help you slowly recover from all the bodily changes which happened in the last 3 trimesters. Yoga can help regain strength and stamina with pranayam, which is especially helpful to reduce stress for new moms. Certain Upper body stretches are especially useful for breast-feeding moms. Be compassionate at this stage and allow yourself 3-6 months to fully recover from the bodily changes of the last three trimesters with the help of Yoga 😊

.Yoga during Pregnancy

Disclaimer: This article in no manner should be treated as medical advise. before performing any yoga activity please reach out to a medical and yoga  professional. This article in no manner suggests that yoga assures pregnancy. This is a generic article with no medical advise.

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